Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yummy Food

Today was an excellent day to cook! For the past few days food in my house has been kind of boring and I wanted to make a change.
I am not much of a Breakfast person so a lot of time I need to get creative. This morning I used some left over Chorizo with my eggs. I did scrambled eggs with lean ham and chopped chorizo. I cooked up a tortilla, put 1 tsp of sour cream on it, sliced avocado, and topped it with the egg mixture. Yum!! I had 1 serving and it kept me full until early afternoon.
Tortilla with Sour Cream, Avocado, Egg Mixture (2 eggs, lean ham diced, chorizo chopped, colby jack cheese)
 Lunch was simple since I was still satisfied from breakfast. I made a quesadilla with a Cranberry Cheese. the cheese is smooth and crumby with a bitter taste. The cranberries in it make a nice combination.
 Dinner was beyond fabulous! I wanted something that was a bit of a challenge. I found a recipe for Parmesan Chicken that looked yummy. The only changes I made were fresh basil leaves, which I am addicted to, and I only used Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my pan. I paired this dish with roasted asparagus, mango salsa, and long grain wild rice. It was amazing! The chicken looked a little blackened when it came out of the pan, but tasted divine. I highly recommend this recipe.

Chicken pre-baking. I highly recommend the fresh Basil

Parmesan Chicken with Mango Salsa, Roasted Asparagus, Long Grain Wild Rice.
I have come up with a workout schedule I think I will like. Tues I will go for a run outside with my husband. I know it is freezing outside, but I have been dying to run outdoors. One day a week for now should be ok. Thurs I am going to start going to a Zumba class with a friend. I have a Zumba Wii game, and it is fun, but I think I will like a live class more. Fri I will workout with a friend at her house. She has a stationary bike and treadmill and we switch while we watch TV. This is what I am going to start out with, 3 days a week. I would like to add in some strength training, but that will have to wait until I settle with this first change.

What awesome recipe did you discover this week?

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Pam said...

Sounds like a great food day to me! I am glad you liked the Parmesan chicken and I think you are right - fresh basil would be terrific. Good luck with your new workout program.

Thanks for the link back to my site.