Friday, January 20, 2012

Cooking Challenge #1

 I would like to thank everyone who commented or emailed me about Challenge #1 for Burgers. I am trying to encourage people to comment on the Blog instead of emailing me so that all my readers can get the feedback I do and we can share ideas.
 I made a classic burger this week. I used a onion kaiser roll for the bun. I brushed a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil on each side and broiled it for a few minutes. This gives it just enough crunch and flavor. I use lean ground beef (97/3). I chopped up some jalapenos and mashed them up into the patty. My husband loved it! Topped this with mustard, lettuce, pepper-jack cheese, and tomato. I usually make homemade fries but this time settled for some onion rings (not homemade). Another burger I like is a western. You use whatever burger and bun you like. Add some cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, and onions rings (Yes, in the burger.) That is it and it is Oh So Good!
 Others ideas there were shared with me included Hamburger Salad (thanks Melissa). This is a fun recipe I have done before. You make up your salad with burger ingredients, toast up the buns like croutons and use ketchup and mustard as your dressing. A fun way to make burger night a little different. I wanted to get around to trying a veggie burger recipe I found but haven't had time to go to the store for the ingredients yet. I will post when I make it.


Jennifer Rae said...

Sounds HOT!

Now did you put the bacon on the patty or in the patty?

Daisey said...

The bacon just goes on the patty. I have found that bacon in the patty does not have such a strong flavor. However, things like jalapenos release juices while cooking and give great flavor to the meat.

Matthew said...

I gotta say, the jalepenos in the patties were amazing. Loved it. Now we just need to find some of Red Robin's jalepeno buns!