Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun Foods and a Show

Today I got in my workout. As I was walking I thought to myself "I would rather be doing something else. Why am I working out?" Then I remembered, simply, because I told myself I would. I decided to watch one of my favorite shows, "Clean House". The old season with Mrs. Nash, I love that women. It was great, but did not distract me as much as I would have liked. However, I think I might take up watching a show over listening to my music once in a while.
For breakfast I made a Snickers Protein Shake. I love making these shakes, especially when I have a craving for chocolate. Lunch was meatless tacos. The filling is a lentil mix that I actually really liked, the boys ate it and even had seconds, Matt ate it but I could tell it was not his favorite. I did add some black beans, which to original recipe did not call for. I like having different things to put in a tortilla. Fast and easy! I also posted a pic of another chicken mixture that is my new fav for tacos. I think I linked it in yesterday's blog. My Brother-in-Law gave me his recipe for Guacamole, holy wow!! It is mash avocado, shredded lettuce, cheese, and a guacamole spice pack. This was amazing! You can also add fresh tomato chopped.

Uncooked tortillas are my favorite! They freeze well and I only make as many as I need.

Lentil Mix

This is to die for! Off of Katie's Blog and I could eat it everyday.

BIL's Guac, Holy Goodness!

Then this evening I decided to go to my happy place and make some goodies. I melted some chocolate and caramel. I am not a big caramel fan so making this fulfills my need to bake, but is not a temptation to eat. However, my husband loves Caramel stuff so he was in heaven. Bless him for being hot and sexy and never working at it. I did take one bite of a finished Graham and it was heavenly, even for a non-caramel lover like myself.
My first batch of chocolate went weird so what did I do with it? Add some heavy cream, of course, and make Truffles. The boys loved them. It took me a while to get the caramel sauce right, but it turn out smooth and fabulous for dipping. I made some caramel/chocolate graham crackers and pretzels. I will also dip some plain chocolate pretzels. Yum!!

Graham Crackers with just Caramel. Only one side has caramel.

Grahams with Chocolate over the Caramel.Chocolate is on both sides.

Chocolate gone wrong makes great Truffles!

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Matthew said...

The tacos were fine, really! The caramel-and-chocolate-dipped goodies, even better! My wife's happy place makes everyone happy (cooking).