Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cabbage is Not Rabbit Food

Today was great and full of activity. Just as I think I am going to be a home-body today, life takes a different course.
I walked on the treadmill this morning. I am going to start with walking for a week then switch to jogging. I said I was starting slow! It felt good to be back on my treadmill, like seeing an old friend again.
Nothing exciting happened with food for breakfast or lunch. I was craving a Green Monster all day! Maybe one for dessert tonight.

I love to listen to music while I cook. Normally, I listen to my Josh Groban Pandora station and since it is Christmas time I listen to the Josh Groban Holiday Station! Cooking is relaxing for me and so is music, so I combine the two!
Do you listen to music while you cook?

 For dinner I made Cabbage Casserole. If you have a whole head of cabbage you don't know what to do with, this recipe is great! I find a lot of my recipe's off other blogs or sites. This one came from runsforcookiesrecipes.blogspot.com. This is my friend Katie's blog and has tons of yummy stuff. I tweaked mine a little from her recipe to make a big dish. You can eat this by itself or over rice. (I used Quiona, YUM!)

I shredded some fresh Parmesan over this. Enjoy!

I hope your day was filled with fresh air and yummy food!

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Matthew said...

What a coincidence, I listen to music while my wife cooks too! The meal was incredibly tasty; good pick honey.